iXS EDC #2

Postponement Maribor

To dump fixed plans is definitely anything but nice - both for us and for you. But unfortunately the original second stop of the iXS European Downhill Cup in Maribor has to be postponed due to unforeseen reasons.


Yesterday we received the news that the iXS European Downhill Cup in Maribor has to be postponed. This happened just in time, because the regular registration for the race should actually open today. The reason for the postponement is extensive woodwork, which requires an almost complete reconstruction of the upper part of the track. It is still uncertain how much time these woodworks will take and when the rebuilding of the track can be started. Therefore, unfortunately, no new date for Maribor has been set yet. However, we will make sure that a new weekend for the historic race will be found as soon as possible.

Benjamin Herold - EDC Maribor 2021.jpg

All riders who have registered for the whole series will of course keep their starting place for the race. However, if you find out after the announcement of the new race date that you cannot participate at that time, you can claim your entry fee back.