iXS Dirt Masters Festival 2021

Updated program (provisional)

We hope that the iXS Dirt Masters will take place in September and we have already updated the program. So here is the preview of the September edition of the festival in Winterberg.


Of course, just like last year, when the festival was also postponed from spring to autumn, the program has to be adjusted this time as well. However, this time we are a little more hopeful that the event can take place, but no one can say for sure at this stage. Nevertheless, we are working flat out on the preparations and have therefore packed the program of the four festival days into three days. Unfortunately, this was not possible without making a few concessions. For example, the Specialized RockShox Rookies Cup had to be cancelled without replacement.

We know that some of you will raise their voice: It won’t take place anyways! Why don’t they just cancel the festival? It won't be possible until 2022 at the earliest! But, it is our job to organize events, we love the sport and we want to return to normality as soon as possible, that’s why we want to preserve the opportunity of the festival this year. As a matter of course we conform to the possibilities we have to overcome the pandemic but we don’t want to sit idly by and watch nor burry our heads in the sand.

We strongly believe that the pandemic can at least be overcome in the foreseeable future in such a way that an almost normal life will be possible again in many places. Nevertheless, we can’t forecast the restrictions in our area of operation. Anyway, we have a positive attitude for the upcoming event and we’ll adapt our concepts to the necessary legal requirements.

Below you’ll find the updated program, which is still to be regarded as provisional.


You’ll find more information here on our website in the coming weeks and months.