Status Quo of the race series

During the last few days we received more questions regarding the status quo and the race calendar for 2020. However, we shortly want to explain the situation and further more declare why we don‘t have the ultimate answers to every question.


Even though the main concern of society right now shouldn‘t be about our events nor do we consider them being a relevant concern at the moment. Meanwhile we are facing different challenges ourself, at the same time there seems to be the need to further explain the status quo and why it is simply impossible for us to answer all questions appropriately.

From the current viewpoint it‘s absolutely sure there will be no race events taking place during spring 2020. How the situation will develop later on during the year, can not be predicted now but it appears the tendency is rather pessimistic. There‘s no need to point out the existence of more urgent problems instead of occupying one‘s mind with the execution of events that preferably serve the pleasures of free time activities. The fact alone, that our races are caring a certain health risk and therefore would need to claim medical staff and work force clearly erases every thought about a justification for them taking place at the moment.

Last week we already published some FAQs answering the most urgent questions and trying to explain, based upon some background information about us, why we are not able to work with the usual capacity at the moment. Unfortunately the situation hasn‘t changed and therefore we politely ask to excuse the delay in elucidating all questions left unanswered. Also many questions, especially regarding postponed events, are not easy to answer as they include a lot of communication, decision-making and it‘s impossible to predict future happenings as well (especially from officials).

Right now it is clear that Winterberg got rescheduled for September, Riva got shifted into July, but also Willingen will become rescheduled and with a very high likeliness Ilmenau too. It‘s obvious that so many changes might also lead to some events being fully cancelled, like the Specialized RockShox Rookies Cup in Winterberg. We are searching for a suitable substitute for this race. Another question included why, the rescheduled date for Winterberg is now colliding with the RDC Schöneck, we tried to explain and want to schedule the race one week earlier.

The most relevant race event, time wise, is the iXS European Downhill Cup in Maribor which is supposed to take place in five weeks. Based upon the current situation it is confirmed that the season starter will not take place in April. The local event organizer is trying to postpone the entire event and the following World Cup to a later date in 2020. Unfortunately it‘s not easy, because many criteria have to be considered for a potential rescheduling and therefore we can not make any statements about a new date or a potential cancellation of the iXS EDC in Maribor.

We have created an internal agenda and try to follow it against the odds and work through it step by step. The main priority right now is to reschedule events from spring to later dates, keeping in mind that the available weekends later this year are sparse already. First the big events will be changed, of course in close coordination with other big events like Bike Festival or Crankworx. Secondly we will try and shift the rest of the events while trying to not collide too much with already confirmed dates. Of course this could lead to some races not being able to be rescheduled and therefore must get cancelled or might even lead to races taking place at the same time. For example a race from the Specialized RockShox Rookies Cup and one of the iXS Downhill Cup. The main goal is to finish all postponing work within the next weeks.

By mid April we want to publish a new race calendar, that includes all changes, but unfortunately also all information given within is only valid up to the date of issue. It will very likely come to a re evaluation during May and if necessary more changes will be made. We hope to be able to host some race events later in the season, but as mentioned above, this will only happen if life has gone back to a degree of normality that can justify leisure time activity with a certain amount of risk and the availability of medical staff that comes with it. Right now all of this has no real priority and we are trying our best to act, within our limited range and methods, accordingly to get over this threatening situation.

Keep distance and stay safe!