New Sponsor for the Rookies in 2017

Specialized Rookies Cup

Specialized has officially been confirmed as the new sponsor for the Rookies Cup in 2017 inviting young riders to 6 different races in Germany and Austria.


The Rookies Cup was introduced first in 2008 as a part of the iXS Downhill Cup. It flourished and grew ever since and became a well established and renowned series over the last few years. The Rookies Cup was originally introduced to open the racing business to young riders and to provide them with the opportunity to gain racing experience as soon as possible. Therefore, the general level, standards and procedures were kept as similar as possible to official races to guarantee a smooth and easy transition to international races as the riders grow older and more proficient. In recent years, the level of proficiency among the downhill elite seems to have increased even more, once more proving that an early start is vital for a downhill career and the Rookies Cup serves as the perfect platform.

With Specialized as the new sponsor the series will probably get even more attention and continue to prosper in the future. The new official name of the series will be Specialized Rookies Cup presented by iXS mentioning both the new sponsor, but also the original organizers, making sure that it will continue to be a member of the iXS family. However, with the support of a brand like Specialized the focus of the whole discipline is made pretty clear: all eyes on the youngest riders!

The Rookies Cup has been a fixed date in the annual iXS agenda. However, it always seemed to be the “little sister” to the “real thing”. The new name definitely comes with more autonomy and independence from the other iXS series, without becoming completely detached from its origins. This independence begins with a very own website (which also remains closely connected to the Racement website) at

These changes are also the reason that the agenda was not yet published. After all it takes a while to find suitable dates for more races and to prepare for the new season in general. Now finally here it is: the season will officially be kicked off at the iXS Dirt Masters Festival in Winterberg, before the second round brings us back to an old friend after two years of absence with Steinach (Thuringia). Another two weeks later round three invites you to the third festival in a row with the Glemmride in Saalbach. The second half of the season starts with yet another festival at the Rookies Festival in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis together with the iXS International Rookies Championships. After two races in Austria, the Cup will return to Germany and a whole new venue with Oberammergau hosting the Bavarian Championships. For the final round we all make our way to Innsbruck (Austria) in October.

Too much info? See the full agenda:

Specialized Rookies Cup
25 May 2017 iXS RDC #1 Winterberg Germany
24-25 June 2017 iXS RDC #2 Steinach Germany
08-09 July 2017 iXS RDC #3 Saalbach Austria
04-05 August 2017 iXS RDC #4 Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Austria
09-10 September 2017 iXS RDC #5 Oberammergau Germany
07-08 Oktober 2017 iXS RDC #6 Innsbruck