Partners for the iXS Dirt Masters

More Awesome Sponsors

Once again we can be pleased about more sponsors for the iXS Dirt Masters Festival. In this case it concerns the Whip Off Contest supported by TSG and Spank as well as the BMO 4X Rumble. Furthermore, we have Landal as a partner, which provides attractive accommodation for the festival.


TSG Whip Off Contest presented by Spank

Every year, the Whip Off Contest creates a fantastic atmosphere in the slopestyle arena of Winterberg. The riders go to their limits here - often even beyond. In order to put on such a fantastic event, great sponsors are of course required. As the name suggests, the contest will be supported and presented by TSG and Spank again this year. While one brand provides the right outfit and protective gear for the riders, the other one provides the right parts for the bike. We are very happy to welcome both bike brands again at the Dirt Masters.

TSG Whip Off Winterberg 2022_13.jpg Twelve-year-old Brit 'Harry Schofield' showed the big boys how it is done last year.

BMO 4X Rumble

While the riders in the other disciplines of the festival rather compete against themselves or against the time, Fourcross offers real head-to-head racing action. In this spectacular race format, as the name suggests, there are always four riders competing against each other. Especially on the course in the Bikepark Winterberg, excitement and fun are guaranteed, because there are big jumps, technical berms and plenty of room to overtake. Also this year, the well-known online dealer 'Bike Mailorder' will be the sponsor of the 4X Rumble. Since the event will again take place as part of the 4X ProTour, the best Fourcross racers in the world will be present.

BMO Fourcross Rumble - Winterberg 2022_14.jpgExciting racing and the discipline's top athletes can be expected again at this year's Fourcross race in Winterberg.

Landal - partner for crew accomodation

A big festival like the iXS Dirt Masters can only be developed and realized by its numerous volunteers. Thanks to our partner Landal GreenParks Winterberg, it is ensured that a large part of the crew can be accommodated in Winterberg in the best possible way. Landal has numerous attractive vacation homes with stunning views and the best locations on offer in Winterberg. If you don't know yet where to stay at this year's festival, then definitely have a look at the homepage of Landal. Depending on how many friends you will bring, there are houses from 1-16 people on offer.

Media Partner: Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN)

With GMBN, we have found a great new partner for our motion pictures. With its entertaining, informative and unique video formats, GMBN has managed to establish itself in the scene like no other YouTube channel. Almost two million subscribers on YouTube and just about half as many subscribers on Instagram speak for themselves. Since summer 2022, this attractive format has also been available in German, with Max Jakubowski and Malik Haase as editors. It's great to have such a popular and well-known media partner at our side and we look forward to working with them in the future.